Discover the 10 Most Beautifyl Lakes in Alberta

Discover the 10 Most Beautifyl Lakes in Alberta

A road trip in Canada dazzles the eyes of travellers with its striking and impressive landscapes. The panoramas, where land and water are lovingly blended, are truly breathtaking. Here are the top 10 most beautiful lakes to see during a stay in Canada, in the province of Alberta.

Bow Lake

Check out Bow Lake, a favourite with families and fishermen. Easily accessible from the Icefields Parkway. When the sun is out, the reflection of the glacier on the lake water is breathtaking! This lake is an ideal site for a family picnic or to enjoy the fresh air. A splendid wooden cabin on the shores of the lake is an iconic and unusual accommodation for travellers who are on a road trip in Canada!

Lake Louise

Take in the majestic beauty of Lake Louise with Fabulous Holidays on a Canadian Rockies tour! The turquoise waters of the lake and the Victoria Glacier in the background provide a true postcard setting. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, one of the most beautiful buildings in the area, offers canoe rentals. A 2km trail around the lake can be explored on foot.

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is a must-see on a trip to Canada. The expression “wonder of nature” is not usurped to qualify it. Its extraordinarily blue waters clearly reflect the snow-capped peaks of the ten mountains that surround it. This breathtaking panorama can be contemplated along a 3 km path along the shore. Other, lesser-known paths also offer magnificent views.

Emerald Lake

This lake owes its name to the beautiful and unusual emerald hue of its waters. This is due to the reflection of light off the deposits, mostly calcium carbonate, that were eroded from the glaciers and mountains during the Ice Age. Emerald Lake is quiet and isolated. The trail that runs alongside it allows visitors to admire this magnificent emerald-coloured panorama.

Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake is the largest lake in the Rocky Mountains. It is surrounded by snow-covered peaks and eternal ice. In the middle of the lake is the famous Spirit Island. The Maligne Canyon is breathtaking with its 50 metre gorges. Make a stop at this lake on your trip to Alberta.

Lake Minnewanka

This semi-artificial lake, also called Spirit Lake, is well worth a visit. It is a popular spot for fishermen. Underneath the lake, there is a holiday village, which was sunk in 1941 after the construction of a dam, and is a favourite with scuba diving enthusiasts. The area around the lake can be explored by bike or on foot along the footpaths.

Pyramid Lake

Discover Alberta’s most secret gem! Pyramid Lake is a salt lake. The lake is named after the tuff formations located nearby. Anaho Island is the largest island and is home to a colony of American pelicans. A small beach offers a quiet place to rest. It is even possible to see elk.

Lake Beauvert

This lake takes its name from its blue and green reflections. It is easy to walk around, 45 minutes are enough. This beautiful lake is surrounded by a golf course with mountains in the background. Enjoy the sunshine and a splendid view of the lake from the lounge seats. A moment of relaxation is guaranteed!

Lake Peyto

Lake Peyto, with its sparkling waters, comes from the glacier of the same name. You can reach it via the Glacier Walk, after an easy 15-minute walk. Young children can do it. The arrival at the lookout is a great reward: a breathtaking panorama of the lake and the coniferous forest surrounding it will take your breath away. The contrast is so striking that you will feel as if you are looking at a canvas.

Medicine Lake

Discover this lake filled with mystery! Medicine Lake is fed by meltwater from the surrounding glaciers. In summer, it sometimes overflows. In autumn, it disappears to make way for a mudflat. One might ask: where does this water go since there is no river or canal to drain it? It flows through an underground network, one of the largest in the world. It includes a huge maze of inaccessible caverns.

If you are planning a trip to Alberta or a stay in Canada, no doubt the brief description of these 10 wonderful lakes will make you want to admire some of them!

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